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Do you already have a website, but it no longer matches your ideas or it is no longer up to date and you now want to redesign it?


Designing your website can make you look completely new, more creative, and more modern, and your web presentation rating goes up dramatically.

You also benefit from the optimization of your natural referencing, the result of which is the increase in the number of leads and the visibility of your website in search engine results.

We distinguish two main types of redesign:

The graphic redesign, which is limited to modifying the design of the site, and the structural redesign, which involves a profound transformation of the structure and the tree structure, often accompanied by a change of CMS ( content management system).

Depending on the state of your site, the redesign intervention will be more or less heavy. It is an important operation in the life of a website, which must be carefully studied and planned in advance to get the maximum benefit from it.

The stages of a redesign are practically identical to those of the creation of the website

Definition of the project and development of the specifications

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