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What Scondigital saves you

By managing our clients' social media, your social media manager helps you answer the following questions:
Managing social networks involves a continuous investment of time over the long term . Logically, growing SMEs prefer to invest their time as a priority in the management of their operations. Freeing up the resources needed to manage multiple social networks simultaneously can be a challenge.

Your social media manager addresses this problem by giving you full social media presence . In order to simplify your relationship with social networks, he becomes your single point of contact in the implementation of your strategy. The social media manager is your daily partner. He will support your business in the management and monitoring of your social networks.

A social media manager keeps constant watch on changes in social media and the actions of your competitors. Its proactivity is an essential asset that ensures your company to produce strategically relevant content that is always aligned with the current needs of your audience . In the long run, an engaged and loyal community is a competitive advantage that adds significant value to your business. Supported by ads on your social media, social media management allows you to develop new, sustainable and profitable customer acquisition channels for your business.

Social Media missions

Content creation

Just like creating content as part of an SEO strategy , creating content for social media is the heart of your business. The interest and engagement that your social media pages generate is primarily based on the quality of the content your business is showcasing. The social media manager has the expertise to create and manage content suitable for each platform.

Community management and animation

Your community manager takes care of planning and publishing any content on your page. It is also fully accessible to your audience to answer various questions and complaints. Making your business accessible and receptive to your targets is an advantage for your image and your reputation.

The competitions

Contests are promotional operations set up by your social media manager with the aim of engaging and expanding your community. Depending on your objectives, several types of contests are possible. Providing specific advantages to your audience is one of the most effective levers of loyalty.

Video publications

Increasingly popular, videos are the most engaging and converting form of media on social media. Video content captures the attention of your audience much more effectively than any other type of content and allows you to improve the effectiveness and reach of your posts

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